How it's made matters

It's not just about what it's made from, it also about how it's made. From the beginning, we knew if we were getting in to the apparel industry, we needed to do it right. Our goal was to ensure our products have a positive impact on the world. So we searched for a manufacturer who's ideals mirrored our own. Treating people with respect and providing a living wage are a basic human right, and are non-negotiable.

We didn't just pick the first manufacturer we found. It took time, patience and a little luck to find a great manufacturing partner. This journey took us all around the world, eventually landing us in Peru. Peru is already a country, which is aggressively tackling poverty. Becoming one of the countries seeing the fastest reduction in poverty worldwide. Our manufacterer goes above and beyond to support and further the uplift of people from poverty by providing rewarding careers for locals.

For us, ethical practices are fundamental to success. 

Sustainable Materials

We only make products from the highest quality natural materials.

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