Australian Wildlife

How Endangered are they?

Australia has a unique and biodiverse environment, home to many animals and plants that are not found anywhere else on this planet. Sadly, approximately 1800 of these species are facing extinction.

To make matters worse, Australia experienced a devastating loss of natural habitat and wildlife during the 2020 wildfire season. Due to the wildfires, an estimated 1.2 billion animals perished and more than 10 million hectares of land left burned and non-viable for many years.

Why are they Endangered?

The primary factors leading to the population decline of many Australian animals are: predation from introduced predators, such as feral cats and foxes; reduction of habitat, through agricultural expansion and urban development; and global climate change, leading to disastrous forest fires.

What can we do?

Donations are the biggest way to ensure conservation programs can hire staff, develop strategies, and purchase vital equipment to help animals. Every item purchased at Project Life, ensures your donation makes it to the right people. From cage traps which help catch feral cats, saving species like the bandicoot; to fire management programs, mitigating the impact of future fires; to Indigenous partnerships, working hand-in-hand with locals to protect the most vulnerable animals. Your clothing mirrors your commitment.

Our Conservation Partner


Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s mission is the effective conservation of all Australian animal species and the habitats in which they live.

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