W - Retro Life - T-Shirt - Grey

W - Retro Life - T-Shirt - Grey

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Our shirts are all made with our Conservation Blend fabric. It's comprised of only the best, all natural fibers. A blend of 100% organic cotton and Tencel, means it's great for the environment and amazingly soft too!

Bamboo - Only needs rainwater to grow, saving up to 3500 Liters (925 gal) of water for every shirt, compared to cotton. It is organic, so no pesticides are used in production. It's the fastest growing plant on earth, growing up to 1 meter per day. And, it absorbs 30% more carbon from the atmosphere. 

Hemp - Only needs 1/4 of the water to grow, compared to cotton. No pesticides used here either! It's healthy for the soil, preventing soil erosion and not depleting nutrients. And, it's naturally antibacterial.

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